Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Julie Ann Larson Condones Snitching

Julia Ann Larson - Snitch
Julie Ann Larson - Snitch

Ironically, Kree Love, Thomas Cook, Julia Ann Larson, and Heather Martin love to get all self-righteous and condemn and cyberharass innocent social activists on alleged wrongdoing which is usually based on some joint paranoid delusion they hold and is rarely if ever true.

They'll run around pontificating all over the Internet about this person or group's alleged evils.

One of the false charges they frequently run around laying (in addition to 'pedo') is that someone is a 'snitch'. If they're source you can safely toss that one in the garbage.

Here's what happens.

They decide to Annoy and Harass someone online by falsely accusing them of being a 'snitch'. People generally don't like snitches so this particular lie provides them with an easy way of whipping up some hate hysteria quickly.

Note that one of Kree Love's early false accusations against me was that I was allegedly a snitch despite the evidence that irrefutably demonstrated that I wasn't and didn't.

When that someone stands up to their online abuse, gives them a taste of their own medicine but with a healthy dose of truth in place of the lies they vomit all over the place all of a sudden they pull out their victim card and start whining.

Well I've suspected all along that they've also done more than their share of Snitching by officially reporting their false accusations.

Michael Babcock publicly admitted to doing this.

Heather Martin has publicly admitted to doing this.

In addition to this public threat to Snitch, Julie Ann Larson has privately admitted to Snitching on her ex-boyfriends after they dump her both to the local police (the pedo false accusation) and to the feds (false accusations of hacking and terrorism). I'll be happy to post the evidence here if she wants me to. 

Kree Love has admitted to both wanting to Snitch and being approached to Snitch. Those chats are already public and can be viewed in DarkNet Child Trafficking scam PDF file posted on Purge The Rats.

So, it looks like I selected the correct name for this group early on when I started calling them the #RATKREW.

That's what snitches are people who rat.

Ironically this Snitch Crew has no problem with Kree Love's criminal activities nor do they have a problem with targeting numerous social activist to 'annoy' and 'harass'. Given that they all foster the delusion that Kree is 16 they also don't have a problem with contributing to the delinquency of minors.

They do tend to get very 'annoyed' and 'harassed' when their victims stand up to their cyberharassment, cyberbullying and cyberstalking.

So, I suppose Julie Ann Larson, the Snitch, does have a point there.

I invite the skank and admitted Snitch, Julie Ann Larson to file charges against me under the California Penal Code, Sections 530.5 and 653m (b).

I'm sure the Judge would love to see the list I will provide (in my defense) of people that Julie Ann Larson has not only harassed and annoyed online and in real life in the last two years but the false accusations that she's repeatedly made against people, like all of her ex-boyfriends (that I'm aware of) allegedly being 'pedos' after they dump her. As well as her efforts to recruit numerous people to participate in these vindictive and very personal harassment campaigns of hers. 

I have numerous screenshots to entertain the judge with.

I suspect he'd be most interested in seeing the DoxBin dox and Michael Babcock's web site. 

Along with her baseless false accusations against me and others as well as her support of others when they make baseless false accusations against me and others I'd be surprised if the Judge didn't haul Julie's sorry ass off to jail.

I also invite the skank and admitted Snitch, Heather Martin to file charges against me in Canada.

I'm sure the Judge will love to see her vitriolic Hate Blog against Kevin Annett which also contains baseless and unsubstantiated false allegations about me. Are you going to be able to prove in a Court of Law those allegations are true liar? Of course not. And you know it. You know you fabricated them and you know there is no evidence to support them.

The rest of the world is nowhere near as stupid as these people despite their assumptions that everyone is.

This is why their Snitching fails. They aren't credible. Once anyone starts to seriously investigate what's going on their covers are blown away pretty quickly revealing the real cyberharasser/stalker/bully beneath.

The only people they're convincing of their alleged victimhood is themselves and the stupids they've managed to convince. These tards have brains that are so addled that they appear to be incapable of any form of reason.

Police and Feds aren't suckered in as easily as the stupids.

The evidence of that is in the fact that not a single person who has been the target of this RatKrew of Snitches official vindictive and false accusations has ever been arrested, charged and convicted based on their Snitching. No-one has ever even been questioned about these absurd allegations because they are obviously absurd to normal, sane people.

The Feds and Police know liars when they see them.

And, ironically if Kreepy decides to return to the Sunshine State, this means that I would be able to charge him for doxing me. Good to know.

Any plans to move back to California Kree?

No doubt the hypocrites, Kree Love, Thomas Cook, Julie Ann Larson, and Heather Martin would be screeching self-servingly from the roof tops about what I snitch I was if I were to do that.

It's what liars and hypocrites do. 

There's one standard for them (anything goes) and if anyone stands up to them ... 

Snitch ... Snitch ... Snitch becomes the name of their loser game.

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